The Yubari Melon

The Yubari Melon is a very expensive Japanese melon. They are usually given as gifts,in a box or a fancy wrapping.They are orange or yellow fleshed and a lot like our common cantaloupe but they have a smooth skin.They can sell for 6,000 yen to 15,000 yen and that's about  $60 - $150 in the US. The most expensive ones sold for $26,000 for two melons!

The Densuke Watermelon

The Densuke Watermelon, which has a black rind and grows only on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, sells for around 250 $ But one sold for as much as 6300 $ in an auction! I have never tried these melons but would love too. I think they are difficult to get in the United States and as far as growing some ,if they have seeds, they probably come with armed guards or in a Brinks truck at these prices !
Yubari Auction

I think I will have to just be satisfied with the 3 dollar kind. The yellow meat or red, both are sweet as can be,and let them bring back great memories of sitting outside in lawn chairs and the inevitable seed spitting contests that come with them.

I just remembered why we were always outside while eating them. They were so messy !