Beluga Caviar

When I think of caviar I think of long ago Russian Czars and the very wealthy. I think of champagne and eating caviar on small crackers. Now days, the sturgeon fish has almost reached extinction because of this rare, exotic delicacy. Beluga caviar is salted roe or eggs of the beluga sturgeon usually served as hors d' oeuvres. It is usually found living in the Caspian Sea, but can also be found in the Black Sea and sometimes in the Adriatic Sea. Beluga caviar is the most expensive of all the types of caviars that you can buy. Caviar is lightly salted fish roe eggs. Sturgeon roe is the best and considered the true caviar. The four main types of caviar are beluga, sterlet, sevruga and osetra. The rarest and most expensive is from the beluga sturgeon that comes from the Caspian Sea. Wild caviar harvesting has now survived only in Iran and Azerbaijan because Russia has a ban on caviar trade from wild sturgeon .

Beluga caviar is prized for its larger sized eggs. It can range in color from silver and gray to black. As with most caviar connoisseurs, Beluga is usually eaten with a spoon made of bone, or mother of pearl, or other non metal utensil ,because metal utensils tend to give a metal taste to the delicate tasting and expensive roe. But Beluga caviar, unlike less expensive varieties, is usually served by itself on toast or cracker, whereas other caviar can be served in a variety of ways, like on potatoes, or blintz, or garnished with sour cream, minced onion or minced hard boiled egg whites. The higher the grade of caviar, usually receive very little if any embellishment.

Beluga caviar is very expensive and the price of beluga caviar can range from more than 7,000 $ for a kilogram in the United States to as low as around $250 per kilo in in Russia where it is produced. Attempts are being made to farm raise sturgeon so that the wild ones aren't made extinct. Graded of caviar is made according to the various sizes of the eggs or called "roe" and the manner in which it is processed. Grades are named for the types of sturgeon from which the eggs are taken: beluga caviar which is the largest is black or gray or silver ,sevruga, the medium sized between the two, is a greenish black color the smaller osetrova grayish, gray-green, or brown.The rarest caviarof all,is made from the golden colored eggs of the sterlet.